or Anyone Under the Influence Allowed.

No Single Haunt Tickets Sold.  3 Haunt Combo Tickets ONLY



   Anything Goes in SPINAL TAP, including the actors can touch you.  If you have a fear of being touched in the dark by gruesome, creepy monsters, or a fear of clowns, serial killers, awful tight spaces, extreme darkness, or being left by your friends to wander alone through a terrifying maze, you'll hate SPINAL TAP.

   But, most people Love to Hate SPINAL TAP. We Tap into your deepest fears.  Fear that runs down your spine.  Spinal Tap is an interactive haunt which requires the guests to do a few unexpected things, such as maneuvering through The CAR, and negotiating The Tunnel and Fun House.

   Spinal Tap also includes the Slaughter House, where our own style of serial killers live, which does not require special movement other than the normal ducking, dodging, attempts to escape, screaming, crying, begging, and the occassional wetting of ones undergarments.

   From there, you'll enter CLOWN TOWN. There's nothing scary about clowns, so we're not even going to describe what is inside.

   SPINAL TAP is optional.  No one is required to go through SPINAL TAP so, if you don't want to,.... Don't.